Tool Chest

Infrastructure as code. Systems Automation

Automating server farms in AWS and VSphere using tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, Bamboo, Cloud formation, Terraform, Docker, and Git.

Performance, Scalability and Reliability

Site reliability and infrastructure engineering setting up and using application performance monitoring, log aggregation, alerting, network monitoring and code profiling tools to quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks and failure points. Modifying applications to scale and reworking their data and caching layers.

Business Analysis / Requirements Gathering / Agile Project Management

Translating real life business needs into technical specifications. Business Analysis has always been my strength - taking business needs and processes and communicating them as technical designs and requirements for IT. Fully understanding the business is essential for almost every project. A good business analyst quickly identifies user needs, the business "domain" experts, and management expectations. The analyst makes sure the project stays focused and on track. Proper Business Analysis is what makes a business solution work.

Software Design / Programming

I've been a professional programmer for over 15 years. I have worked on both internal business systems and consumer shrink-wrapped applications. I have solid experience in software design and architecture as a team lead developer. I have worked with a variety of languages, frameworks, and tool sets, although most of my recent work has been in PHP, Node.js, Python, and .NET.

Web Development / eCommerce

Create, Customize, Modify, and Promote eCommerce and Lead Generation websites. (Magento core contributor, Magento Cloud Lead Architect)

Data-based Marketing / Web Analytics / Campaign ROI Evaluation

Use your data to improve your marketing. Whether using web analytics, call center response tracking, offer codes on direct mail, or raw sales and advertising figures - analysis and data-mining can up the profitability of your marketing campaigns. I can help your data tell you what's working and what's not to focus your advertising dollars.

Automation / Database or Application Integration

Humans aren't very good at repetitive tasks, they tend to make mistakes, do things different ways, get bored, procrastinate, etc. Fortunately automation projects can take care of those mind-numbing tasks improving your quality, consistency, and productivity. Automation is a huge business opportunity regardless of your size organization. I've worked with large business needing to move data between enterprise software packages with MS-SQL and Oracle back-ends, and I've worked with small businesses running on Access and QuickBooks.

Systems Administration / Networking

Any complete IT business solution includes not only the software, but the computers, network, operating systems, and databases that it runs on. I can deploy solutions ensuring that they have the proper hardware and configuration for security and reliability. I've also done in depth load and performance testing, tuning, and optimization to squeeze out more transactions and more profit from existing infrastructure and applications.

Not Quite a Jack of all Trades

A few missing items, If you need any of these I'll happily refer you or work with someone to come up with a full solution.