Moving to Austin

Bigger and Geekier things

Solutions By Waters is closing down shop as I head over to Austin to be part of the tech boom that is happening over there. I'll be helping a Startup called MyTurf take their unique internet advertising platform to the next level.

I've enjoyed my time in Tyler and working with a lot of great people. I will still be around for advice and have several people I can referrer projects to, but won't have time to take on new projects. Thanks again for the pleasure serving you, building sites, plugging holes, and making a real difference in your business. You can still reach me at my same email address, my Austin phone number is 512-825-2032

IT and Web Solutions to Business Problems

Build Your Business One Solution at a Time

Looking for just the right solution to "fix" your business? Need to extend your reach and bring in leads and sales with your current website? Tired of the busy work and wish it could all be done at a push of a button? I offer Consulting, Integration, and Programming services. Let me find or build the right solution for your business.

Not Everything is a Nail

Selecting the right tools and approach

It’s important to use the right tools and approach for the job. For any given IT project there are a few basic approaches.

Buy - Find an existing software package or service that does what you need and buy it, changing the way you do business if necessary.

Build - Create a custom system tailored to your business.

Integrate - Find two or more packages that meet your needs and then wire them together.

The tendency for most IT professionals is to favor one of these approaches - programmers want to build, IT Administrators want to buy, and everyone ends up integrating. I am not pre-sold on one of these approaches, each has its unique pros and cons. Your solution depends on Your business, Your needs, Your requirements. I don’t always use the hammer because the problem isn’t always a nail. I have a tool chest of skills and experience I can pull from and am happy to refer you if I don ’t have the particular skills you need.

Jan 5 2009 | Posted by Bryan